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Forrest Fenn

Forrest Fenn has sparked a real live hunt for a treasure hidden in the Rocky Mountains estimated in worth of over 1.5 million dollars. He stated the he did it to get the kids off the couch and off their electronics.

Since Mr. Fenn hid the chest, it has increased revenue for state parks in every state that is part of the treasure hunt. New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana are now the listed states in the hunt. New Mexico has completed and published a Tourism video of their state, including Mr. Fenn and his treasure hunt as a part of the reasons people should visit. Mr. Fenn has also in that video stated there was something in the video he wished he had not said–but he thought it would be ok.
This has brought a lot of attention to New Mexico and other state parks mentioned as well  in his book The Thrill of the Chase.
The book lists a memoir by Mr. Fenn about his life, and a infamous poem followed by a dare.
Follow 9 clues with in the poem , and you will find a chest full of Gold and Precious stones.
Mr. Fenn also has stated that there are some ancient pieces from his prized collection as well in the chest. Any one has a reasonable chance at finding the chest, Mr. Fenn says; but it won’t be easy. He also said, “If you can find it, you can have it.” As a dare, if you will, to all interested in looking for his chest.

The Thrill of the Chase

Too Far to Walk

Mike Dantuono

For my self, the dare was attractive. The reason is because it would be difficult to get in to the mountains. At the time I heard about Mr. Forrest Fenn, it was only a few weeks after my car accident and right before my first of many operations. I was at this time also losing the ability to walk without support.
I ran into an old friend that was telling me about the Chase and seemed highly excited and was attractive in the sense of the Chase. Well, in my mind, it seemed like a great story, but my life was based in the here and now, and a treasure hunt was not what I had in mind.
I was worried about my family more than I had ever in the past. Knowing that I would not be able to function properly in the future, so a treasure hunt was the last thing on my mind. Funny some times how things work.
Since all these things were pushing me forward, the Chase was more appealing to me. Not sure which way life’s roller coaster was leading me, the Chase seemed like a good idea. I needed 9 operations and i think it’s funny I needed to find 9 clues.
So what do I think? Do we have a chance? Follow 9 clues through 6 Stanzas’ in the poem one to three Million dollars in gold and jewels. Do I have a chance? Well, I have accepted your dare, Mr.Fenn!
Team DAntuono; Mike Sr.
Heather, Mike Jr, Sarah, Justin, Joshua, and  Zack
Reporting in sir, and we are already hot on your trail.

Mike Dantuono Jr.

I grew up in the Sunshine state. I met Sarah Michelle Waddell at the end of my high school career. My Father then was just a couple towns over from me which led to frequent gatherings that caught up years of lost time.

Thrill of the chase had soon to be our point of interest for great fun, humor and wonderful possibilities. Sarah and myself moved together and resided in a small town in Florida. After a year of  residence my Father, Sarah and myself, were caught in the devastation of a grueling low speed car accident while I was driving a new car I had purchased.

Several surgeries, physical therapies, chiropractic, along with a couple years pass time, Dad, myself  and the family were helpful toward each other in the greatest of ways. Meanwhile, Our family had come to realize quickly through all of this that Florida is not the place of our choice of destination to reside in.

I then, as an expectant Father, who was seeking a better atmosphere to raise a child with her mother, had decided to move forward towards better opportunities with the D’Antuono Family out West. After a 2300 mile trip we’ve made it and after a year we have done some pretty amazing things. The entirety of our painstaking obstacles and awesome achievements have led us to where we are today.

My dedication to The Thrill of the Chase is most definitely to my father from whom we’ve been able to experience things with our family we didn’t think were possible. We have found and will find incredible things along the way of this amazing journey. Life has obstacles others choose not to compete with and I think its because people come to realize following your dreams is a lot harder.

Zack Dantuono

My name is Zack Dantuono, and I am 15 years old. Me my Dad, Mom and family currently have a few ideas of where we think Forrest Fenn’s Treasure could be.
Me and my Dad went on a car trip further inward of the United States looking for the treasure. We went to Cody Montana and stayed at the Irma Hotel. Then we went through Yellow Stone National Park to West Yellow Stone. After finding Dal’s cache we went to Lake Hebgen, then to Bozeman and have drove through Indian Reservations, where we were looking at Frog Rock as “Terry Scant with Marvel Gaze”.
This past few years looking for the Treasure has brought my Family closer to nature and each other more then ever. We now live in Colorado and are in the mountains all the time searching and finding new Treasures each time we as a Family go hiking.


Joshua Dantuono

My name is Joshua Dantuono . As a person I have learned a lot from my Father. He has fought me many useful things in my life. Whether it was to make me a better person, or just something being passed along from father to Son.

When in some of our hardest times no matter what it was he was always there for me. He listen to me then told me what he felt. At this point I understand life and what is was about, and that’s Family.

My step mom, brothers, sister in law and niece moved out west ahead of me and Dad to find housing and get accommodated. I stayed behind to help my Dad while he was still recovering from his accident. He still needed help getting around and normal stuff. It was hard at first.
It was good for us to spend time together and just talk. Something we really didn’t do to often. We mostly talked about one thing . Forrest Fenn and finding his treasure. My Dad wanted to find it because he kew it would help our family .
It gave the chance to put our team together. With that, it brought us closer as a family; now we stand side by side  
stronger then ever ready for anything.